Friday, 4 November 2011

Twt Twt

Now I am not exactly sure I have the name of this beautiful little village in Croatia quite right but it sounded something like that and it amused me. It was a very quiet waterside village and warranted 10 minutes to sketch it.

Today I have been doing another oil painting and although I meant to finish off the painting of Towy Valley I haven’t got around to it yet. Alex has been mounting prints.

I received a parcel of materials the other day and my supplier sent me some brushes to try out. They are still in a drawer and will probably remain there.

I have literally dozens of brushes that for the most part have different stages in their life. I tend to buy a couple of dozen small size watercolour brushes at a time and use them for detail in my oils. As the brushes become ragged (which is very quickly) they become used for scrubbing, scratching, dabbing or whatever other action is needed. Finally they end up in the bin. My hogs hair brushes of which I have a large variety I pull out pretty much depending on their age likewise depending whether I want to use them to fill or drag paint about. So I have brushes of all sizes in all states. I have some very expensive sable watercolour brushes some good, some useless (i.e. they won’t hold sufficient water). So you don't always get what you pay for.

Tonight we have a reception for a number of artists and crafts folk from the EU.

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