Sunday, 27 November 2011


The painting above is one I did of my Great Aunt Louisa. She appears as a tough old bird in the painting. Apparently although she had a stern countenance she was very pleasant. She was married to Uncle Alfred. He was an herbalist and they had a large double fronted shop on Bridge Street, in Worcester. My mother used to go and stay there in the 1920’s. He was apparently quite renown in the world of herbalism. He used to go to Switzerland and give talks and advise on herbal medicine.

Now I’m not really one for alternative therapies. I am however happy to be convinced and if it works for someone else that’s great. Chiropractors I am fine with, a very high level of training all based on science and very effective. Hypnotherapy no problem there. When it comes to other types of alternative medicines I remain to be convinced.
Give me the NHS anytime. Alex is the opposite and swears by anything alternative. We just agree to differ; well actually we agree that I keep my views to myself. It makes for a simple life.

Anyway Alex is very busy trying to catch up. She was up to 12.30am this morning and is getting there. When the Exhibition is on she can sit and knit all day and have a well deserved relax.

We had a bit of an issue with our camper yesterday. The battery had finally given up the ghost. I got a new one and changed it. Now the bad news although the engine turned over it wouldn't start.

No problem we are in Green Flag (other motoring associations are available). We have home start and have never used them before. We called they came. They looked we waited. They tinkered we got depressed. A few theories were expressed to Alex who was stood out in the rain with the repairman ( well I had to feed the dog). Alex didn't take to any of the theories and in fairness she is pretty good on diesels. Finally they said it would have to be towed in to a garage for them to look at it, pressurise the tank check the lift pump etc etc.... We said we would think about it and sort something out in the week. Overnight we thought about it and today we fixed it. It was a simple. There is an inertia switch fitted on the van and it will stop the fuel supply in the event of an accident. Putting the battery in the engine compartment had been enough to set it off.

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