Wednesday, 7 December 2016


It was another beautiful sunrise this morning as Jac and I came back from our walk.  The above is a photograph but could just as easily be a painting.

I got around to making mince pies last night and was quite good I only ate two. All the decorations are now up although Alex is put out that having taken so long to hang one set of lights they decided to turn themselves in to toast. Alex went to two of the grandchildren's Christmas shows yesterday. In one of them the youngest grandchild was a bit out of hand and was throwing his toy rabbit in the air during the performance which wasn't too bad until it landed on the piano keyboard during a song much to the astonishment of the teacher playing it.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

St. Peter's Carmarthen Painting

This is pretty seasonal. I like Christmas although I am not particularly religious. The above is a watercolour of St. Peter's Church Carmarthen.

If you like watercolours and are looking for a stunning original believe it or not you can buy an original unframed but mounted watercolour by Wendy Powell Jones for as little as £15. I am a great admirer of Wendy's Watercolours and consider her to be one of the finest watercolourists in West Wales. Anyway she has a small number of paintings priced at £15 as well as larger works in Origin 23, King Street, Carmarthen.

This morning I spent 15 minutes looking for one of my shoes. Thanks Jac!!

Monday, 5 December 2016

Abergwili Painting

The watercolour above is a winter scene of Abergwili I did a few years back. It was a freezing day that day too. That being said the weather is apparently set to pick up a bit this week. So all being well I hope to get out next week with my oil paints and do some work outside.

Today is my elder brother's birthday so Happy Birthday Tony. We have some silimarities. Tony is an artist, lecturer, writer, intellectual and all round Bohemian. He hasn't been in this country for a good many years. I aspire to be a competent artist but am not an a writer, Bohemian, or by any measure an intellectual.

Right!  Alex is up and breakfast calls and then off to steward in the gallery.

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Brecon Painting

After Christmas I have a bit of work to do. I have paintings of Brecon to do for an exhibition and already one new commission to start. I finished one commission yesterday and another painting was sold. I am making good progress on the oak dining table. Tomorrow I am in Origin Gallery. We are just helping out for a couple of days in December. Busy times but planning a bit of r and r (not sure what that stands for but having a break!).
Ah yes the painting above is from the bridge in Castle Street. (There used too be a great little butcher shop on the corner when we lived there but its all gone now.) You can see the old Gaol and behind it the tower of Brecon Cathedral. The painting is sold.

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Fordson Tractor Painting

The above painting was a commission. The tractor is a Fordson Dexta. I have always been interested in mechanical things. Motorbikes, cars, tractors, traction engines, aeroplanes, ships and of course I paint whatever interests me as well as landscapes/ seascapes.

The large oak dining table I am working on bit by bit with our son is coming together but will require a crane to lift it!! So it will have to be dismantled and erected in situ!

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Happy Christmas

Well it is the first of December so Seasons Greetings to you. Alex put the tree up last night and worringly seems to have an awful lot of lights. I am wondering if we are going to end up with lights all over the house and garden! I have visions of cars full of children coming down the road to view the illuminati house with flashing l.e.d Santa and reindeer.

Ah well lets have another mince pie and sherry, take a breath, relax, and enjoy life.

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Snow in the valley

A might on the chilly side at the moment but very welcome all the same. I believe it was -8 degs. in Carmarthenshire last night. It certainly felt like it first thing when Jac and I went for our walk. I have been making an oak dining table today with our son. It has gone pretty well (touch wood!!).
Tomorrow I am starting another commission. Its been a hectic time.

The painting above is an old one of Abergwili in the snow.