Saturday, 12 November 2011

Nominated driver

I chose the sketch above I found because today I am the nominated driver. I am off with my son and his colleagues to watch Llanelli Scarlets play Castres in the Heineken Cup.
I don’t like driving but in the circumstances (i.e. Would you like to go to the game? We have a ticket for you if you would like to drive.) I am delighted. It includes pre match hospitality (in my case a meal) so a good weather forecast and a nice day out hopefully.

I haven’t actually played rugby for about 35-40years but still think it is a great game. I actually remember the last time I played I was tackled by Nigel Horton (former England player) and he pretty well cut me in half. Well that’s what it felt like. I have just about recovered now! I did boxing for a while but wasn’t too keen on being hit. Later both Alex and I took up Karate which we did for about 10years. So we have been active over the years.

Anyway as you can see I draw or sketch pretty much everything. I believe it is an Isuzu but could be wrong. It just happened to be there when I had five minutes spare and a pencil. I have to go now as I have to walk the dog before I head off. I did have time to undercoat ten frames this morning so I don't feel guilty about sloping off.

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