Sunday, 13 November 2011

Stradey Park

I went to Parc Y Scarlets to watch the rugby yesterday. So I thought it appropriate to show a watercolour I did of the old town gate at Stradey Park (Llanelli Scarlets Old and historic Rugby Ground). I think I still have the watercolour somewhere. Stradey Park has now been knocked down which is a shame but things move on.

I used to take our son there when he was small. The most memorable time was when we played the All Blacks and God emptied the skies upon us.

Anyway yesterday was very enjoyable. Scarlets won which helps and the company and fare were excellent. I must however relay one incident. While the match was on an announcement came over the public address system.

“Would the owner of an Audi registered number “abc 123” (or whatever it was) who has left their car in the car park please return to it. You have left the windows open and the engine running!”

I can be forgetful but I haven’t got to that stage …..yet.

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