Sunday, 6 November 2011


So yesterday I volunteered to help Alex in Origin. I had not stewarded in there before so she ran through the jobs with me. I had to unlock and put out the signboard outside in the shop enclosure. Then we had to prepare for the mass of customers. She showed me how to work the card machine. As soon as we opened customers came in. It was nice chatting to them also quite a few people we knew came in.
It was nice to see you again Geraint.
It was a very good day selling prints cards, jewellery and all manner of craftwork.It was late afternoon before I got a chance to pop home to walk the dog and visit my mom. When I got back to the gallery we had a few more visitors and then we locked up.
In the evening we went to our son and daughter in law’s for a pleasant meal and watch the fireworks and also the rugby before going home.
All had gone well and later as we lay in bed Alex woke me and whispered in my ear those tender words,
“Mark did you remember to bring the signboard in at the shop?”
Oh blast!
It was 2am in the morning and I pulled my trousers over my pyjamas and pulled trainers onto my feet and off we went to join the drunken stragglers in King Street, Carmarthen. I had visions of Bertie the signboard being put through the gallery window or someone else’s window. I perhaps don’t have enough faith in human nature. Yes after all that time it was --- gone! But at least not through our window.
(oh and yes you can start a sentence with “but”).
So Bertie had either joined someone’s bonfire, had been taken in by a kindly shopkeeper, had been used as a ramp by skateboarders, or had decided to travel the world (maybe he will send us postcards or emails?).
Anyway I didn’t get back to sleep very easily and maybe Alex will be reluctant for my help again, but I hope not.
The painting above I finished the day before.

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