Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Red Sky at Night ~

The painting above is unmistakeably a silhouette of Llansteffan Castle at sunset. It is one I finished today. Surprisingly for a simple subject it takes a bit of time to complete. I have now removed all my easels and equipment from the lounge gallery. It is quite sad really as I had been painting there a long time but as with everything you move on.

I was in Oriel Gallery yesterday and a lady was complaining about the price of prints, not mine in particular but in general. In actual fact it costs more in materials percentage wise for a print than an original in my respect. Image capture i.e. having a painting professionally photographed and colour matched can cost anything up to £100 per painting (although I am fortunate not to pay at that scale). Then there is the cost of having the prints produced themselves plus the mount board, bags and labels. After paying gallery commission and tax we are lucky to make £8 on a £45 print. It is possible to produce prints more cheaply but you get what you pay for in terms of quality. I have even seen artists sell photocopies as prints.

Cost is the reason we are so particular about what paintings we have prints produced from. It is not the quality of the painting but how many prints we are likely to sell and will we get our money back.

We heard last night that two ladies will be travelling a total of 240 miles to the Private View of the Exhibition on 30th November. We look forward to meeting you Mary.

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