Thursday, 10 November 2011

St Marys Kidwelly

The picture above shows the church of St Mary's, Kidwelly, which is considered to be the largest parish church in Wales. It was originally built as a Prioy in about 1114, the original church was burnt down in 1223. I understand the tower and spire date from around 1320. The river is the River Gwendraeth.

Yesterday I posted about glass artist Moira White. As it happens Alex and I recently went to the Italian Island of Murano off Venice to see the famous Murano Glass. It was an interesting time and I enjoyed watching the skill of the craftsmen as they blew shaped and moulded the glass. I have to be honest though and say I found the work iself very garish and we came away empty handed.

Today I seem to have spent half the day sitting at the computer, not my favourite occupation. The back up was not working and then I had to sort out my email. The back up is now working but the email system still has a minor glitch. Alex has made over a dozen frames.

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