Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Carew Castle and Mill

As you can see I have now finished the painting of Carew Castle and Mill. Its slightly more impressionistic than I have done lately. I knocked the canvas off the easel when lowering it but fortunately it landed with painted side up.

Alex has been off to the gym this morning while I was finishing the painting. I still feel a bit under the weather so I didn’t fancy spreading my germs about in a confined place or killing myself at the same time. It is actually something that I find quite interesting as an artist ~ observing people. With an hour or so of mind numbing boredom on a treadmill you have to occupy you r mind. Many people are very considerate and clean a machine after use with hand wipes that are provided. Others sweat and drip all over handles and screens and wander off blindly to the next piece of equipment.
The other day I saw someone exercising with what could be described as a big beach ball. They put it down and it rolled into the middle of the floor, walked away and left it where anyone could fall over it. For half an hour everyone walked around it. When I finished I picked it up and put it away, 5 seconds work! I believe in the main its just that people don’t think. We picked up 2 of the grandchildren from school yesterday afternoon. Someone had left a fast food carton and drinks container on the floor 2 feet from a bin outside the school. It had obviously been there some time yet it took me 2 seconds to pick it up. My point is that I am sure most people just don’t notice these things. Anyway I have to go and collect some materials now.

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