Friday, 11 November 2011

Bertie ~ The End of the Saga?

I finished the painting of “Sunrise over Laugharne Boathouse” above this week. I said yesterday that Alex had made over a dozen frames. She corrected me. She made twenty-three!
Well 23 is more than a dozen.

Now I thought it was the end of the Bertie story. The mystery was where had our wayward signboard gone? Who brought it back? Well the Good Samaritan is unmasked. The kindly gentleman from Magpies had taken Bertie into his care overnight and returned him the following morning. Thank You.

Magpies is a gift shop in King Street selling very nice toys and gifts. Link:

Today I have being doing some research. Don’t ask me. I have also decided to stop painting in the Lounge Gallery on a Wednesday for several reasons, time being one factor. As I have been painting there every week for the last 7-8 years it was a big decision.

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