Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Path of self enlightenment

No actually this isn't Alex and I but it is kind of relevant to this post. The painting above actually went to Holland.

Today I went to Aberglasney to collect a couple of paintings. Now the other day I "posted" (or should it be "blogged" I am not sure of these techno terms, I still haven't worked out "LOL" yet.

Apparently it isn't lots of love) -anyway I posted about alternative therapies.

Well having thought about it I should admit that I am actually on a path of self enlightenment at the moment.

I am going to the gym regularly and have lightened myself by over two stone in the last 3 months. Tonight is the private view and we are doing the last bits. Last year the private view was a bit of a disaster as the weather was appalling, black ice and fog. We turned up because we had no choice but only 3 other people turned up. Fortunately the rest of the exhibition was excellent and we did well.

So must walk the dog now then start loading the car.

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