Friday, 30 September 2011

Stranger on the Shore

This is the finished painting I started last week. It is a smaller version of a commission I did. It shows the Loughor estuary with the Gower and Whiteford lighthouse in the distance.

I mentioned an old tune the other day Percy Faith and a Summer Place. I was brought up with big band sounds before I moved onto the Everly Brothers and then the Rolling Stones… My father loved the big bands of Artie Shaw, Duke Ellington et al.
Anyway he played a clarinet and I believe he carried it with him in his kit bag half way around the world during the War. He couldn’t read a note of music but he could play the clarinet and piano by ear. One of his favourite tunes was “Stranger on the shore,” which I recall was also the theme to a TV series in about 1961.
Here is the link to the tune,

Thursday, 29 September 2011

St Brides Bay and Druidstone

The painting above was sold at the weekend. I love the beach, the smell of the sea and reflections on the sand so this type of painting is a joy to paint.

We are getting a bit thin on stock at the moment, although there are a number ready for framing we could still do with more.
Anyway we are looking towards a quieter time in relation to our other commitments hopefully so we can get on. The new Origin Gallery is going well to date, which is gratifying considering the amount of work put in by the members.

I have a visit to the dentist today as I broke a tooth on an organic cracker!

As for tomorrow who knows?

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

The Preseli Mountains

The painting above of the Preseli Mountains sold this weekend. I remember the day I did the sketch for it. It was bitterly cold and Alex and I were standing on the top of a hill at Trefgarne, even the sheep were shaking from cold.

Today was the opposite lovely and warm. In fact it brought to mind a tune I hadn’t heard for many, many years. It was, “A Summer Place” by Percy Faith and his Orchestra. Try the link.

It took me back to the summer of 1976 when I lived in Welshpool. My brother and I went fishing a lot during that long hot summer. He was teaching art in Newtown at the time although he has always seemed to be a full time fisherman. I never caught one fish all summer. In fact out of desperation Alex and I went with my brother and his girlfriend to Newquay to try the Mackerel fishing. It was flat calm no one caught a thing and my brother was sick as a dog!
I have actually done a painting of mackerel being landed on the beach from the time we were there. I am not even sure if I have an image of it now. I haven’t got the patience for fishing now and prefer to sit by the river with a pencil and sketchpad.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

St Peters Carmarthen

There is the finished painting of St. Peters the Church in the centre of Carmarthen. It took the morning to finish it.

We have the grandchildren today but still have a few jobs to do. We have to pack up a commission and post it, do a few more cards for the gallery and put away the order of mouldings that has arrived.
My brother Tony also an artist and writer, emailed me as he has been following the blog recently. He has been teaching abroad for many years. He has been in many strange and exotic countries including many previous soviet republics. He has reminded me of a few incidents which I must get around to recounting. Anyway time to get collect a child from school now!

Monday, 26 September 2011

St Peter's Carmarthen

I took the dog out early today to ensure I had time to watch the Wales v. Namibia game in the Rugby World Cup. I wasn’t disappointed Wales played well although the opposition wasn’t great.

I fitted in the gym before starting on painting. I did the under painting for an oil of St Peter’s Church in Carmarthen. It may look a bit odd now but it will (well it should) come out okay. I don’t always use under painting as a method it depends on the effect I want.

Alex and I visited David Cowdry’s Exhibition yesterday and we weren’t disappointed. It was a great show and a real demonstration on how to make light the central point of a picture.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Aberglasney Gatehouse - a new arrival

Well the new Origin gallery in King Street Carmarthen has started well. By all accounts a very busy day yesterday. If you get a chance call in its open Mon to Sat 10am to 5pm. We had a very busy day yesterday I had the gym and taxied everyone around while Alex had some of the grandchildren for our daughter in law who was in the labour ward. Any way we have a new Cox, another grandson. So we are all delighted.

Alex also decided she could multi task and wall papered one of our daughter’s bedrooms and kitchen yesterday. A great job she did of it as well but I think she is worn out now.

Rhian the daughter also wanted to get some paint to match fabric in the house. She asked Alex,
“Can I get the paint made to match?”
“Yes, I think it is, Dulux that will match colours for you.”
“So if I take a bit of material in to Durex they can make it that colour?”
“Why are you all laughing?”
Today we are hoping to fit in a visit to Aberglasney to see David Cowdry and his exhibition. (hence the drawing of Aberglasney gatehouse above).

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Monmouth Canal

The painting above is of a canal boat on the Monmouthshire to Brecon Canal. The bridge is near to a campsite we stopped at last year. The painting sold last week.

Alex and I bought a canal boat many years ago when we were first married. We bought it in the Exchange and Mart. I am not sure if that is still around. I don’t think we had even seen it but it was very cheap. The owner obviously just wanted rid of it and it was in a marina in Northampton.
Anyway the only real problem with it was the engine wouldn’t start and it was on expensive moorings. We decided to bring it along the canals to Welsh Frankton where we could more it for next to nothing (things have changed). We set out in the middle of winter and after a day or so the canal began to ice up until we had to use the boat as an icebreaker. At night we would stop near a pub to spend the evening in the warm with a few beers. We never got it all the way home as British Waterways were doing engineering work assuming no-one was mad enough to be using the canal at that time of year. We left it tied to the bank and returned for it a couple of months later. It was fine and it arrived in Welsh Frankton where it was used for a season. We later sold it when children came along to buy “things” for the nursery.

I later went on a canal boat with Prince Charles on the Montgomery Canal, which was quite pleasant. It was a lovely warm day and he is very personable.
Today we are awaiting the arrival of our next grandchild.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Learner Driver Gaol Hill

I was coming back from the gym in Carmarthen this morning when I came up behind a learner driver on Gaol Hill. I am never sure whether it is called Gaol Hill or Castle Hill. I hear people call it both. I think it was originally Gaol Hill but then it was changed to give a better image? The Gaol closed in 1922 and the County Hall was built in 1938 on the site.

Anyway I digress, when I came up behind the learner I thought about how intolerant some people can be towards them and I also remembered back to my own learning experience. I was taught to drive in an Austin 1100 and an Austin Morris J4 van. The van was fun as it only had 3 gears and no syncromesh meaning you had to double de-clutch to change gears. I am not sure the van enjoyed the experience as it made some pretty horrible noises when I changed up or down the gearbox. It is probably fair to say I took to driving like a duck to train spotting. I failed on my first attempt but finally got through.

On the first day on the road as a qualified driver nearly 40 years ago I had to take a firms car to Birmingham City Centre to collect someone. It was a Saturday morning and even in those days parking was nigh on possible. I eventually found a parking bay that was empty in New Street. Then the fun began. I reversed in to the space holding up the traffic. Only to arrive with the rear of the car on the pavement fortunately missing any shoppers. I had another go and was somehow at right angles to the pavement. Meantime horns began to blow and I either imagined it or people actually stood cheering and watching my deft manoeuvres. I was getting more flustered and redder. Eventually I drove off in disgrace and found a solid yellow line to abandon the vehicle.

I eventually got used to driving and even had a refresher course with our good friend Clive who for his sins was a driving instructor.
I don’t enjoy driving but consider it a necessary evil and I always have sympathy for those learning to drive (or park).

I have done a little sketch above of the lights at Gaol Hill with the learner driver.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Events in Carmarthenshire

Now the painting above is of the Burry Inlet and is a smaller version of a previous view. I haven’t quite finished it and the photo is pretty poor. Nevertheless it is what I have been working on today.

Now I must mention two events:

The opening of Origin in King Street Carmarthen on Saturday where I have a number of paintings on show.

The David Cowdry Exhibition in Aberglasney starting on Saturday for one week only.David as I have said before is a good friend but also a tremendously talented artist. He is probably, (okay he is) the best technical painter in West Wales. He specialises in wildlife paintings set within a landscape. It is an exhibition we won’t miss and if you don’t know his work I recommend you go along and enjoy it. For a sample of his work catch the link below.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Coastal Scene

The watercolour above was sold a while ago. It shows a coastal scene off Pembrokeshire. I haven’t done a painting like this for ages, maybe its time I did.

Today we had problems and had to change plans again. I went to Newport to take paintings for the CPRW Welsh Landscape Exhibition. Alex stayed at home to deal with our domestic issues. Anyway I managed to find my way there without any problems. The M4 was actually pretty quiet. We spent last night hanging paintings and working in the gallery until 10pm as it was the only time we had.
So no painting today, not so much as a sketch. Looking on the bright side our smelly lodger (our daughter’s dog) must be due to go home soon.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Llansteffan - Ball of Confusion

One of those days today, a right “Ball of Confusion” with apologies to the Temptations.

It started badly at quarter to seven when I took the dogs for a walk and my mother called me over and things went downhill from there. We already had a pretty full day planned out including looking after and collecting grandchildren, going to work in the new gallery, delivering leaflets around town, packing paintings ready to deliver them to Newport…

Alex is also on call waiting for our daughter in law who is imminently due to produce our seventh grandchild.

Anyway on the bright side I got a painting finished and Alex did deliver leaflets around town. We also did our grandparent duties but it was all a squeeze. Several other tasks were dropped and others shortened.

The painting above is the one I finished today and is about 2 ft by 18 ins, it shows the tide going out at Llansteffan.
Hopefully sanity will return to our house tomorrow.

Monday, 19 September 2011

A Parliament of Rooks - Dryslwyn

We were driving back to Carmarthen on the Llandeilo Road past Dryslwyn the other day when I saw a multitude of Rooks around an old oak tree. There appeared to be no particular reason or pattern to the flight of these birds. I believe the group name for rooks is a parliament of rooks. Which having witnessed the goings on in parliament seems highly appropriate? In fact maybe I have a tinge of sympathy for the rooks, as it may be a little unfair on them to connect them to the Palace of Westminster. Anyway when we got home I did a quick sketch from memory shown above.

I have had the benefit of visiting the Houses of Parliament and being shown around both chambers. I have also climbed the tower to see Big Ben, which is in actual fact a bell not the clock. In fairness I think our politicians don’t do a bad job on the whole and I certainly wouldn’t swap them for any other countries representatives.

Today I went to the new gallery in King St Carmarthen, which is really taking shape.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Abergwili - Ebeneezer Chapel

The watercolour painting above is one that sold yesterday. I have done a couple of paintings from nearly the same spot. I remember doing this one in May this year when we had a lovely week of hot weather. I spent a morning sheltering under my panama hat from the sun with my easel and paints set up on the side of the road. I know several people who go to the chapel including my mother in law.

I like to paint outside en plein aire but with our weather it’s not often feasible. I also rarely use oils outside for practical reasons so when I do its always watercolours..

We went to Aberglasney Ball last night, which was very enjoyable. I was a little jaded when I got up to watch Wales versus Samoa at 4.30am this morning but as the day is wearing on I feel a bit more human.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Black 5 Washwood Heath

So finally I have finished my Black 5 pulling goods at Washwood Heath. I didn’t have a photo so I had to rely on my memories and some references for a Stannier Black 5. I added the Church spire of St Mark’s (a good name) and much detail today. Overall I am pleased with the finished painting and it takes me back 50 years plus to when I would sit with my brother in the cutting watching the trains “chuffing” up and down the incline. We would cross out train numbers in our Ian Allan train spotting books. It may sound boring now but well I guess you had to be 7 and be there.

One for my private collection.

Next painting possibly the Bascule Bridge at Carmarthen or a larger Llansteffan landscape.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Ride a White Swan

We received an invitation today to exhibit at Aberglasney again next year so that was very pleasing. Hence the painting above.

It is the 34th anniversary of the death of Marc Bolan today apparently. I went to see him many years ago when he was in Tyranasaurus Rex (before it became T.Rex). John Peel did the introductions and he sadly is also no longer with us.

It has been a busy day. I managed to get the lawns cut and the vegetable patch half cleared before the rain came. Then it was time for the gym and the second walk for the dogs.
I spent the rest of the day working on the design of a logo for Wales Talking Books.
Initially you would think not too difficult but there are so many options colours etc.
It is also a long time since I used Photo Shop for anything like that. Still it is all something different. Alex has been busy sorting pictures for our three exhibitions as well so a good day in all.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Black Five - Washwood Heath

I managed to get 3 hours painting in today and am getting to the finishing stage for the Black Five. It isn’t a great photo as I took it on a small camera with poor light but it gives you the idea.

I am probably going to put in the church spire on the right and I have some detail to do.
It’s my mom’s birthday today so we’ve been busy, also managed to get to the gym and Alex has been framing.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Origin at Siop y Seld

Origin is opening at 23 King Street Carmarthen (the old Siop y Seld ) on Saturday 24th September.

This is the gallery for a co-operative of artists and craftmakers from West Wales (the old County of Dyfed).

I have been a member of the co-operative for many years and although we had a gallery in Blue Street Carmarthen it wasn’t very prominent there. This gallery had lots of space and has great potential.
The shop itself is interesting I believe it was rebuilt in 1932 following a fire and was furnished in art deco style. Many of the original features remain.

Anyway I hope you find time to pay us a visit. There will be fine art, cards, pottery, textiles, ironwork, jewellery, woodworkings, glass work and much more.

The painting above is one I did in a demo this year. I have virtually stopped doing demonstrations and talks now.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Black Five underpainting

The progress of “Black Five”, a Stannier Loco pulling goods at Washwood Heath is shown above. I have got the main under painting done. I may get a chance to do some more tomorrow but probably not as I am helping put up the picture hanging system in the new gallery.

Yesterday we went to the gym at Carmarthen Leisure Centre in the morning. Yesterday evening Alex was doing “Zumba”? in the Leisure Centre so I decided to go for a dip in the swimming pool. After about 20 minutes I had enough and decided to try the health suite. This is a jacuzzi, sauna and steam room.

I had a shower went in the Sauna, had a cold shower and then thought I would try the Jacuzzi. There was no one else in it so I got in and had a relax. Several people wandered by and I thought they were giving me a funny look. Anyway I took no notice. After a while a young man walked by, then came back and asked me if I would like him to turn it on.
I did feel a bit of a fool but if you can’t laugh at yourself who can you laugh at.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Black Five

This morning it was walk the dogs, gym and dentist. This afternoon I have started working on another painting.
This wasn’t the painting I intended however. I have had an image from my childhood, (quite a time ago) of the goods trains going past on the line from Washwood Heath. The line was perhaps 60 yards from our house and I could often be found with my elder brother watching the trains running through the cutting as we sat on the bank.
We would also put the occasional penny on the line, daft I know but we were boys. The pennies would be flattened into all shapes.

Anyway the trains came under the Bridge and through the cutting on the way to Stetchford I believe. The drawing I have done for the painting is of a Black Five locomotive and goods train. I am not a Railway anorak and can’t identify all the different types but this was quite common. The painting is not going for sale but for my own collection. As I am ahead of my other work I thought I would indulge myself.

I haven’t decided what weather to do the setting, snow, rain, sunshine or evening light.

I am also thinking about doing the spire of the local church in the background. Maybe a boy peering over the wall?
Maybe maybe not.
Alex has started to do some framing this afternoon; relieved I think to be able to get on.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Wrapping Paper

The sketch above is the view from our hotel room in Gran Canaria showing half built apartments. Most building work is on hold there similar to most parts of Spain and also in the UK.

I was watching an episode of Pepper Pig yesterday with one of the grandchildren.
It was the one where Father Christmas forgets Pepper Pigs Christmas present. Anyway it brought to mind a Christmas day many years ago. It was quite a memorable one.

My parents used to live at the top of a hill in an old stone cottage and barn near Knighton in Mid Wales. It had been a smallholding. The cottage was freezing cold in winter and summer. The only real heating was a wood-burning stove in the little room used as the living/dining room.

It was a cold Christmas and unusually I wasn’t working Christmas day so Alex and I were spending the day with our children at my parent’s home. There was snow on the ground and we had been for a Christmas morning walk while my mother prepared Christmas dinner. When we got back we all sat around the table to Christmas dinner.

Our son decided to put some wrapping paper in the log burner. My grandfather told him not to put any more paper in it. Our son being a boy and seven ignored the advice and as we were sitting waiting for a main course he found a big ball of wrapping paper and stuffed it in the burner. The inevitable happened a large “whoosh” and next thing we were abandoning our turkey to get outside. The pipe from the wood burner was glowing and flames were coming out of the top of the chimney. We all stood outside forlornly waiting until the fire engine arrived. They quickly put out the fire but not before a good deal of water had been sprayed liberally around the living room.

Our Dinner was cold and the house was a mess. I don’t think the firemen were too pleased to be interrupting their Xmas dinner either. Still it could all have been worse.

It is a Christmas however that we will never forget.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Stradey Park - Scarlets Cafe

First thing walk Jac and our resident houseguest. We are now looking after our daughter’s dog who is pretty smelly. Then I watched the Rugby World Cup, went to the gym walked the dogs again and later we are off out to our other daughter’s for tea.

The painting above is one that was sold last year but it seemed appropriate. It shows the old Scarlets Café at Stradey Park on the night of the last game before Scarlets moved to Parc y Scarlets.

My son, Alex and I went to see the Scarlets last weekend for the opening game of the season. Quite a few positives including a win. I remember the first game I took our son to see at Stradey Park. We were playing the all Blacks and it was the most dreadful weather possible. The rain was literally horizontal and the wind was a full-blown gale. We were both soaked to the skin but at least it stays with him as a standout memory from childhood.

No plans to do any painting this weekend. By Monday however painting will be compulsory therapy, i.e. I will be lost in a picture.

Friday, 9 September 2011


I finished the painting above of the Loughor Estuary today. Unusually it actually took me a lot longer than I anticipated.

Alex has been babysitting grandchildren all week and can now recite all the episodes of Pepper Pig without looking at the T.V. When she can get back to doing some work she will be mighty pleased.
I have in mind the next painting but it may be delayed by visitors this weekend and the Rugby World Cup.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

New Mouse

Last night I went to do a simple job changing a couple of sockets. Unfortunately it turned in to a bit of a pig. The old boxes were bent and it was all a bit of a mess. I won’t bore you with all the details but it meant a trip to B&Q at 7.30am this morning and a couple of hours fixing it. Then the computer decided it didn’t like the mouse!
So I was late starting painting today. I have managed 7 hours but have a bit more to go to finish the work I started today.

The sketch above is of a Sol lorry outside our hotel. It was delivering coffee. I had time to do a sketch while waiting for Alex. Carrying a little sketchpad and doing quick sketches is really good practice and fills in countless hours of what would be wasted time. There are several good websites, which show people daily sketches. I don’t actually submit any of mine as they go on here.

Still its nearly 6pm and tea beckons and then it’s the gym.

By the way I had to buy a new mouse.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Well it looks like summer’s gone such as it was. With the approach of Winter I decided to do a seasonal scene. Abergwili with the brook and St David’s Church Tower just visible.

Today I went to the gallery to paint. I only had £1.30 so had just 2 hours to walk from the car park and do a painting. It turned out okay, I think.

I am pretty well finished with the work in the New Gallery other than maybe the odd day. So back to work now. Also the start of the Rugby World Cup to look forward to.

Alex is still just about keeping her sanity despite all her child tending duties this week, well she says she is.
Later the gym and maybe cut he lawns.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Clive Surman Photography

I had a very nice comment yesterday from Clive Surman a Photographer now living in Carmarthen. Thank you Clive. So the picture above is one of his. I have taken the opportunity to look at his work, which I hope you agree is excellent.

I recommend you visit his blog.

Today I spent most of the day working on the new gallery in King St. The shop was rebuilt in 1932 following a fire and was fitted out in art deco style. Much of the original windows (rising sun) and other fittings etc are still in use.

Later this afternoon I picked up two of the grandchildren from school while Alex was trying to control one of the others.
I am anticipating painting tomorrow.

Monday, 5 September 2011

On the beach

Alex and I watched two young fox cubs playing first thing this morning. A wonderful sight. Then I walked the dogs. After breakfast I went to the gym while she babysat one of our grandchildren. This afternoon I am working in the new gallery, which is coming on well thanks to the efforts of the co-operative.

Origins (the old Origin Dyfed) is due to open in King Street Carmarthen on 23rd September. It has a fantastic display window and the premises themselves go back to Dickens. I can’t wait to see all the wonderful crafts and artwork on display. The wooden floor was sanded this weekend and has made a big difference.

The sketch above is in lieu of any painting as I am obviously tied up a few days although I have primed boards for a couple of paintings I must do this week. Actually triple priming boards and sanding down between coats takes a fair amount of time. The sketches are of people on the beach. I hope that was an obvious statement? They may turn up in future paintings.

Anyway its time for the dogs to go out again.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

The Kings new clothes

Day off today. Walk the dog then the gym with Alex . Finish decorating the kitchen. Sunday Lunch with Alex’s Mom. Then this afternoon off to Parc y Scarlets to watch the rugby with our son.

The sketch above demonstrates the kind of pre-painting drawing I generally do. I use anything available the back of another drawing or sketch, or inkjet paper from the printer, which is cheap. I don’t keep them once they have fulfilled their purpose.

I listened to Gareth Wynn on Radio Wales at 6am this morning and he was having a dig at modern “art”. He was pretty funny depending on your perspective. For example he said something that went like this.

“I went to Haverfordwest to see a conceptual exhibition of hammers referencing man’s use of tools …”
No I was actually in B&Q.
I am surprisingly open to new ideas and like the works of talented artists like Anthony Gormley (Angel of the North) and many others but I believe that some artists that are trying to fool a lot of people including themselves. Anyway it’s way too early to get serious.

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Polka Dot

The painting above is the one I finished yesterday to hang in the kitchen. I have made minor changes to it and taken a decent photo. As I write Alex is getting on with painting the walls. Strangely Alex doesn’t let me decorate in the house. I suppose its because although I start off carefully I get bored and the emulsion or gloss starts running down the handle and getting everywhere.

I have a commission to do an estuary painting, which I hope to start on this week. It is a subject that I enjoy and one that suits my style.

I can be quite expressive with my hands and arms when talking. Like quite a few people I use them to illustrate a point I am making. This can be quite useful to the listener well anyway its not normally detrimental to them.

However I do recall one occasion many years ago. At the time I had a job dealing with peoples complaints.
A man came in to see me from his work and wished to make a complaint. Although he was well dressed and spoke well he was a bit (understatement) obnoxious. Still I was paid to deal with him and wasn’t particularly bothered at the abuse aimed at me and everyone in general. I listened to him and took notes with my fountain pen (yes it was a while ago). At some point in the proceedings I started being expressive waving my arms to emphasise a point in his story. Shortly afterwards I finished dealing with him and sent him on his way. It was at that point I noticed the wall behind the chair where he had been sitting. The magnolia was covered in lines of splattered blue ink, which wasn’t great in itself, but they were interrupted by the shape of a sitting man.
I realised I had been holding my fountain pen in my hand whilst being, “expressive”.

I wondered if he would ever come back to see me again. Well he didn’t. Maybe he never worked out where he obtained the blue polka dot effect.
I didn’t feel guilty as I think my hand was guided by another greater power, one with a sense of humour and perhaps justice, well that’s my excuse.

Friday, 2 September 2011

When we were young

Today I finished the painting of the River Towy. The tiler has finished so the kitchen now needs repainting fortunately Alex will do that. The new painting can then be ceremonially framed (by Alex) and hung in its new space (probably by Alex).

The painting above is of Broadhaven in Pembrokeshire. It is one I finished last week. When we were there last autumn it reminded me of many seaside holidays I had as a child with a chill wind and grey scudding clouds. Hence the painting and I couldn’t resist putting a sheepdog with the children. The dog is like the one Alex and I had when we first got married. A lovely dog with who got on with our children (someone had to ).

Yesterday we got a lot done in the new gallery and it was nice to have one or two visitors drop in to see how we were getting on. Good to see you Pat.
Another commission arrived today so still busy in all ways.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Another day

As we are pretty tied up again today this is an early post. The tiler phoned last night and is coming today to tile the kitchen. We are also working in the new shop and have several other domestic jobs to do. The next exhibition starts on 24th Sept and Alex has some work to do for that.

The sketch above is of a rock outcrop in Gran Canaria. The landscape there is very interesting but of course the majority of the time people are restricted to the main resort areas which to be honest could be anywhere in the Med.

I must update my own website which is lamentably out of date. I have no difficulty motivating myself to paint whatsoever. Although I designed and wrote my own website from scratch I cant say it working on it gives me any great pleasure.
Time to take the dog out now.