Monday, 21 November 2011

An interesting day !

It is only 2.30 and already it is one of those days, which although fortunately extremely rare, make me want to take all my paintings and equipment outside and have a huge bonfire. It is not my painting that is the problem it is the other side of the business. Still having got that off my chest I would like to say I feel better. But I don’t. Still life goes on and we have to make do. I actually knew a painter who did burn all his works but I think he was unhappy with his work itself. I actually feel in reality quite protective about mine.

When Turner died a huge amount of his work was destroyed (by his friend Ruskin I believe possibly due to its pornographic content). Also when Edward Seago died he asked that 2/3 of his works be burned.

I finished a painting this morning and have been on the phone the rest of the time.

Alex has been in one of her moods that put her slightly to the right of Genghis Khan so not a great day to ask favours of her.

On a lighter note I was listening this morning to the radio and the presenters were talking about coming into contact with celebrities. I have met a quite a few of them in my time but this concerns one of our daughters. A couple of years ago she was in a nightclub with friends. When she was at the bar she saw someone she recognised. She knew the face, but couldn’t quite place him and assumed he worked in the Council with her. She then struck up a conversation with him about work and because he was obviously not on the same wavelength assumed he was a bit slow. So she then started speaking very slowly and making hand gestures to accompany her conversation. Meantime all her friends were now in fits. Finally she said, “Well what do you do?” He said, “I play rugby for Wales I’m Dwayne Peel.”

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