Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Last night we went to the AGM of the co-operative, Origin Dyfed. Somehow I ended up getting the job as Chairman. I suppose it’s a compliment but truthfully I would rather spend more time painting. Anyway there it is. I will do my best although it will be a hard task taking over from Moira who has steered us through some rough waters.

Moira is a very talented glass artist (not a glass maker). Technically there is a difference. I made glass (from sand etc.) when I was about 13yrs old and made a carbon arc furnace. It was very dangerous thinking about it with bare electrodes on wooden swivels, bare contacts, molten glass, and bare resistors made from fire elements etc..

Anway I digress Moira has a studio and this is the web link:

Today after considering my new responsibilities I walked the dog, checked on my mother, went to the gallery did a painting, got home walked the dog, did the painting of “Santa” or in Welsh “Sion Corn”, went with Alex to Aberglasney to take some paintings in, went with Alex to Origin while she did the banking and finally (?) spent a wonderful 45 minutes in Tesco’s. Got to go now to see mom and take her the shopping.

Incidentally the Santa painting is for Christmas Cards. I suppose thats obvious isn't it? Must be an age thing.

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