Thursday, 3 November 2011

Second Gear

The picture above is of Whitesands Bay in Pembrokeshire and we sent a print of it off to Canada today. Coincidentally the original was a commission for Gerald Davies CBE (legend and one of the all time rugby greats), and I heard that there is a program on the radio about him later today.

Yesterday I forgot to mention what could have been a very ugly incident in Swansea.
Alex likes driving which is fine, as I don’t. So we were navigating our way through heavy traffic when we got to a set of traffic lights. When the lights changed to green for us to go Alex pulled off inadvertently however in second gear. Now our car bless her was not to keen on this and protested, popped out of gear, stalled and came to a standstill.

No harm done except that unfortunately Alex looked in the mirror and could see wild even impolite gesticulations from the man in the car behind particularly when the lights changed to red against us. As I have previously said Alex is quite capable of starting a fight in a chapel and I had to do my best to placate her and get her to ignore the man behind. It could have been an ugly incident! I was relieved when the lights changed and we proceeded smoothly away Alex still seething and muttering under her breath.

In Alex’s defence she is a very good driver and our old car would happily pull away in fourth if you asked it nicely.

Life has its exciting moments!

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