Saturday, 19 November 2011

Carmarthen Bar

Here is the painting I was working on this morning a view of Lansteffan from Ferryside. The sand extends from the end of the Castle out into Carmarthen bay for about 3 miles and is called the Carmarthen Bar. The sands are notoriously tricky to navigate and have taken a good many ships captive over the centuries. The remains of wrecks such as the “Paul” or the “Craigwinnie” are often visible at very low tides.

Of course even these days the sand and tide can catch you out. As I recall a Police car got stuck in sand here with an incoming tide. What could be worse or more embarrassing? Well actually sending another vehicle to get it out and that getting stuck! Both getting a thorough internal and external car wash.

“If it can happen it will happen”, is a good maxim to go by.

I enjoyed the rugby last night with Llanelli Scarlets winning away at Northampton. I was very impressed with one of our forwards Matt Gilbert in his first Heineken Cup Game. I was unaware he was deaf a huge handicap in professional sport. But hell he was good. A real inspiration.

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