Tuesday, 22 November 2011


I have a bit of a cold today or man flu whichever anyway painting takes your mind off it. I did the under painting for a scene of Carew Castle and Mill shown above. The painting was done using alkyd oils and liquin medium. This has the benefit of drying very fast.
I occasionally use alkyds but have to say I much prefer the texture of normal oils and linseed based mediums. Alkyds are more like toffee in texture while linseed based oils are like cream and for me are far more satisfactory when you blend and mix them.
I will paint over the under painting with normal oil. It is fine to mix them in this manner.

I mentioned yesterday that I had met quite a few celebrities. For the most part out of character they are just normal people with no more to say than you or I. There are the exceptions though. David Bellamy is no different in real life than he is on screen. A very enthusiastic, interesting and lovely man. I have had dinner with him on several occasions. His love of nature is infectious and he is really natural talking to children.

I asked the great Fred Truman (fast bowler for those too young to remember) for his autograph when I was quite young. He refused and told me to buy his book and he would sign that. Like a 9 year old could afford that. I would like to think his ability made up for his meanness but it didn’t, not for me an impressionable boy.

One person I would love to meet is Rolf Harris. We shared a railway carriage with him once but I didn’t want to disturb him so the chance went begging.

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