Friday, 25 November 2011

Laugharne Castle

I was asked the other day if I had a painting of Laugharne Castle. I actually hadn’t and considering I have painted it several times I was quite surprised. Anyway it answered the question what am I going to paint today. So there it is!

I posted yesterday about our trip to the TT. I have previously mentioned our interactions with motorcycle combinations. Well we first bought a Watsonian sidecar when we first got a dog. We had to change the gearing on the Triumph Tiger we had at the time. That was relatively straightforward. Then we had to attach the sidecar with the correct amount of toe in etc. That was the start of my love hate relationship with combinations. Well actually with my hate- hate relationship.
My brother had previously had a BSA combination, which seemed ok but I only rode in the sidecar. Now I could ride/drive this thing but it never felt right. It was set up perfectly but the idea of braking to turn right and accelerating to turn right was an anathema to me.
Alex drove it into the canal. The back wheel fell apart in Germany. It always felt like you were fighting it. In the end we gave up. I tried other combos they were all just horrible. My brother bought a Cossack Ural combo. The sidecar was on the right side and if you were in it and he pulled out to overtake you were just thrust in to the path of oncoming traffic. My brother loved them and couldn’t understand my dislike.Some years later he had a BMW combination, which he drove through a closed gate going around a bend in France. It wrote off the combo and didn’t do him any good. He never had a sidecar since!

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