Sunday, 20 November 2011

Motorcycling Memories

It is next to impossible to sketch Alex as she is a complete fidget. The only time you can have half a chance is when she is having a doze. So here is one above.

Alex is always on the go and quite lively. I have mentioned before that among other things she has a full motorcycle licence. Now neither of us has ridden a motorcycle for years. I occasionally think it would be nice to get another Triumph but then my head comes in to play. The roads are nowhere near as open as they used to be and the least I could expect in a fall now would be a broken leg. No we had a lot of fun riding all over Britain and Europe but it is best left as a happy memory.

Alex had her own trials bike and a BSA road bike. One day she came home minus the BSA and sporting a nasty bump on the elbow. (She still has this reminder on her left elbow of days gone by). She had gone to Caersws form Welshpool and decide to part company with the bike on a nasty series of bends on the back road. Fortunately nothing was coming the other way and her injuries were minimal. I collected the bike and despite some protests it was sold. Some time later the trials bike was sold too. My Triumph Tiger went when our first child was born and other than borrowing my brothers BMW for a ride that was the end of our motorcycling days.

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