Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Andrew Vessey

Busy today! Walked the dog. Then off to paint in the gallery. Alex picked me up and we went to Oriel Ceri Richards in Swansea. Sorted out some prints and then painted some frames, went to the gym, saw my mother, walked the dog ….and much more.

The picture above is from my sketchbook it is a linear drawing (lines no shadow) of Dubrovnik harbour. I was reminded of it when I went into the gallery in Swansea.

There was an exhibition by Andrew Vessey retired vicar of Swansea. A very good artist too.
I personally wasn’t too taken by his more abstract paintings (not really my area) but I had to admire his drawing and pen and ink work, beautiful.

There is no substitute for technique and experience, it shows! Here is a link to an article :

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