Friday, 30 November 2012

Morfa Newport Pembs

I finished this painting today. It is of Morfa from the old lifeboat slip in Newport Pembs. We stopped near here in our van one winter. We occasionally saw seals off  the slip and Jac would take the opportunity to go in for a swim..The farmer who owned the land was a real character. He asked us if we wanted a lift to Cardigan Market in his Land Rover dog and all. We declined we had been told he apparently had a habit of enjoying himself at the market if he had a driver, and would likely as not ask us to drive the Land Rover back.
Not that we were particulary averse to that but it sounded like a long day. Today Alex has gone off with her mom to one of our daughters leaving Jac and I to fend for ourselves. Get out the jam, beer and crisps!

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