Friday, 9 November 2012

Burry Port Harbour

Here is the finished painting from the last couple of days. It shows inshore fishing boats in Burry Port Harbour. I initially drew the outline in a thin liquin based cold grey. I took some liberties with the detail for the sake of the composition.
I then used  black and white to make up the tonal values of the painting. Effectively this results in a black and white image. (Although I have never used one, the artist Claude Lorraine (1604 -1682)  used a convex piece of black glass  to view his subject and help remove colour when working out his tonal values. This glass is predictably called a Claude Glass.)
Anyway yesterday the painting was dry as a result of using the liquin and I was able to complete the painting putting colour and glaze onto the painting.  I paint in a few different ways depending on the subject and how I see it. This is just one traditional method using modern materials. It is a bit time consuming but I got the result I wanted..

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