Saturday, 1 December 2012

Texaco Refinery

The painting above is an old painting I did of the Texaco Refinery in Milfod Haven. It was done in a Fauvist style measuring about 3ft x 14ins. I no longer have the painting but I put it up today as I haven't had an opportunity to get any painting done. I have a board ready and an image in my head well actually two and I am still wondering which to do.
I had to recover my address book from my old computer which died. I somehow managed to recover and copy it. Being optimistic I thought well maybe I can recover the whole disc and use the computer. I even found a cheap LCD monitor online and ordered it. Typical I went back to the computer and it was just tragic, wouldn't restore or recover the operating system in the end Jac dragged me away to go for a second walk and I gave up. But having been to the gym and had  a great walk over the top with the moon still out it hasn't been a bad morning. With both Wales and England playing rugby today my afternoon schedule is fixed.

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