Thursday, 8 November 2012

Gibraltar Barbary Ape

Earlier this year we were in Gibraltar where I did this sketch of a Barbary Ape. (Apparently the Barbary Ape is a common macaque distinguishable because it has no tail).
The apes are quite mischievous and interesting to watch although they have learnt a good deal of bad habits such as foraging in litter bins. They have been fed by well meaning tourists but unfortunately this has led many of them having diabetes and it is now against the law to feed them.

They will sit reasonably and are tame enough to allow you to sketch them. They reminded me of the grandchildren we had left at home. The British Army used to be responsible for the apes until the 1990's and named each one after Generals and commanding interesting concept.
Anyway today I am going to the gym and finishing the painting I started yesterday.

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