Thursday, 15 November 2012

St Phillips Cathedral ~ Kismet

I am not a great believer in fate or anything else to be honest but occasionally something comes along that make me question my position. When the odds are so heavily against something happening and yet it happens it does make you think. Take the example below.

I met Alex as I have mentioned before at Warwickshire County Cricket ground some forty years ago. Nothing strange in that but what were the odds that I should bump into Alex unexpectedly the very next day. I was  in uniform, by St. Phillips Cathedral in Birmingham when a young lady wearing boots and a long black coat came into my vision. Out of a population of probably 4 million people in the area what were the odds that Alex and I should be in the same place that day? (They were pretty high unless she was stalking me). So maybe luckily for me in this instance fate or a better word kismet (it means fate and luck) played a hand.
The rest as they say is history.

I had been thinking what to blog about and I thought I would do this and paint the scene as it was then.

Incidentally St Phillips Cathedral has some beautiful stained glass windows added by Edward Burne-Jones a close associate of the Pre-Raphaelites.

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