Thursday, 22 November 2012

Alone again

This is the painting I finished yesterday. It started off as a smaller study for a commission which I did earlier  this year but I decided to finish it and make a complete work out of it. As I say it is smaller than the commission and has a few things different about it.

Last night Alex and I went to play badminton with our son. I ended up being the subject of much hilarity. Not for my playing I might add. I took off my track suit top and made my presence known on the court only to be greeted by howls of laughter. My sports shirt was inside out with buttons logo etc all on the inside and labels on the outside. Well how was I to know, the only time I ever only look in the mirror is when I have a shave first thing in the morning.

This morning having breakfast I noticed there was one solitary leaf left on the hazel hedge behind us. The little yellow leaf was stood on a long twig like a flag blowing in the gusting wind. All the other leaves were gone.
A bit sad really. It reminded me of what I think is the saddest song written. That really poignant song by Gilbert O Sullivan. Words can be very powerful and in this case they really are. If you haven't listened to the lyrics do.

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