Friday, 23 November 2012


Had a busy day today. I walked the dog. It was cold with mist rising from the valley and the reservoir. I decided to get a painting done of Cwnoernant Reservoir with the winter mist still on it.  I had breakfast then  went to do the shopping for my mother. By the time I got back the grandchildren had arrived. at that point I found I had forgotten to buy butter so Alex could make the Christmas cake with the grandchildren. It was also at this point that Alex found she had 5000 card covers of the wrong size delivered.
Then a nice surprise David Cowdry turned up. So we had a pleasant walk followed by lunch before I had to go off to town to post the card covers and buy butter.
I did manage to get the painting pretty well finished but I will have a look at it tomorrow with fresh eyes.
The watercolour sketch above is of the approach to Lisbon.

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