Sunday, 11 November 2012

Remembrance and Respect

Well yesterday Mrs Cox and I went to Cardiff to watch Wales play Argentina. Now we had a lovely day, a coach to Cardiff and a fine Italian meal in Bellini's. The game was however something of a disappointment.
Wales game plan seemed to me to get the ball and then run horizontally across the pitch. If we got into a reasonable position then we kicked the ball back to the opposition.  Now after 40 minutes even I after a bottle of wine and several lagers could work out this was not working to our advantage. Nevertheless the same plan continued in the second half. Pretty desperate stuff lacking any imagination or flair. I will leave it to the experts to determine if this style of play is a good idea.
Anyway on a more serious note today is Remembrance Sunday. I am not a particularly religious person but I do observe respect for those who across the years have made the ultimate sacrifice and I have likewise a similar attitude to the armed forces and the police service. So today I will take time to consider those who have fallen, including members of my family in the Great War together with old friends and former colleagues who are no longer with us.
The watercolour sketch above is all I will be painting today.

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