Saturday, 24 November 2012


I finished the above painting this morning with a light application of the mist on the water. It is the view of Cwmoernant Reservoir in Carmarthen as I saw it yesterday on a cold damp November morning.
I started the painting with a ground stain of grey green all over,which I allowed to dry. Now there must be a good reason for this. Yes there is.

Earlier this week I set about a painting with no clear image of where I was going. I had a vague idea but I couldn't see the final image in my head. So for me I got what I deserved. The painting went from one vague notion to another. Nothing magically came out of it and although it was recognizable I was totally unhappy with the finished work. I did the only thing I could. I wiped the whole painting with turps leaving the grey green stain. As a ground it was fine for the painting above so nothing wasted except time and a lesson reinforced.

 Its not often I have a disaster but it did me good to be brought down (pride/fall and all that). I have developed my own way of working don't take any short cuts!

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