Saturday, 17 November 2012

Johnstown ~ Oak Tree

Now I am not exactly a tree hugger but I do love to look at  the shape of trees. Yes I know its a bit odd but trees are all different and I like to make a note of interesting shapes. I have painted this one before. It is on the path going from Carmarthen alongside the river. You pass under the Bascule Bridge towards Johnstown and its on the path not far from the river.
Its an old oak tree on a bit of a skew. It makes for a nice painting. I have put sheep in the picture and added a kite in the distance. I am not sure what to call it - sheep under a tree? Perhaps not.

The amount of information I need to do a painting varies. For this one the sketch shown above is pretty minimal even then I have taken liberties with the information exaggerating the angle of the tree...
I played badminton last night. Well that is quite a loose description perhaps I should say I had a go. Then I watched Wales playing Samoa. There again that is quite a loose description. Halfpenny, Roberts, North, Ryan Jones, Dan Biggar seemed to be putting in an effort and Ken Owens was very good when he came on. 
Off to watch the Scarlets tonight with son, grandson and granddaughter.

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