Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Health and Safety Risk Assessment ~ River Towy

This morning I was having breakfast when Alex said to me, "Have you got an eye test today?" Hmm yes I had. It was in five minutes. Maybe it should be a memory test?  A mad rush and I was down town and in the opticians inside ten minutes. Anyway I saw the optician and during the examination she became concerned about my right eye. What I had forgotten to tell her was that two nights previously Alex and I had been to a show. I am the sort to sit quietly enjoying whilst Alex will throw herself into the entertainment, jiggle about clap etc.. All very well but it may come to tears I say.  Now for some unknown reason when it came to the entertainers calling on the audience to join in with Village People and "YMCA" Alex did the inevitable. She threw her hands in the air made a big "Y" and stuck her finger nail in my right eye. While I was sitting grimacing with pain she continued obliviously singing and trying to blind the person on her right hand side.
Obviously in future I need to do a complete Health and Safety Risk Assessment and wear safety glasses when attending such shows!
Anyway I painted the picture of the River Towy yesterday. I came across some carmine red which I rarely use now (I used to use it when I did portraits). I thought it would be ideal for the painting I had in mind and there it is. The River Towy looking East towards Merlins Hill from Tan y Rhallt.

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