Sunday, 18 November 2012


The sketch above is of boats in the harbour in Opporto (Portugal). Simple quick, and got the relevant bits down.
Last night I went to watch the Scarlets play the Blues with my son, grandson and granddaughter. It was a chilly night and most people were tucked up with a drink keeping warm. In front for us were a group of 6 ladies  all dressed up in their winter best and supping on a glass of wine. They were in hysterics when my granddaughter started shouting, "Come on Scarlets you can do it." (She was probably the only one who thought they could). To my left was a young lad about 5 with his mom and dad. They were all drinking hot chocolate which smelt divine. At some point the young lad must have dozed off because the next thing his hot chocolate went up in the air and sprayed all over the lady in front of him. She was wearing a lovely white coat which now had chocolate stains all over it.
The boy did the only thing he could do. He burst into tears and was inconsolable. In fairness the lady was absolutely lovely and was more concerned with reassuring the lad than her ruined coat. It just gives you faith in people. You often hear about the bad things but 99% of people are great.
As for me I just made a mental note not to let our grandchildren have drinks as knowing my luck it would be over a 6ft. 6" Mr Angry.

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