Monday, 19 November 2012

Bay of Biscay

The little sketch above was done in the Western Approaches to Great Britain and Ireland. A day later we were in the Bay of Biscay 300miles West of Bourdeaux in an Atlantic Gale. Despite the weather Alex and I sat down to dinner with a number of interesting people. The subject of Egypt came up in the course of conversation and Alex who is not slow in coming forward gave a fairly forthright opinion on the hygiene standards of Cairo and environs. Now this was taken exception to by one lady. She said, "Cairo was not dirty it was just dusty."
Not to be deterred Alex gave a few examples of her experiences.
Now as luck would have it the Lady in question had married an Egyptian. Following that disclosure we quickly moved on to other subjects. In actual fact we soon became friends despite the poor start and the Lady told us her life story which was really interesting. She had been on the stage in the West End and been PA to many notable personalities.
There must be a moral to this story. Its probably why I tend to take a back seat in conversations.
Today I am in the gallery in Town.

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