Thursday, 29 November 2012

Portrait of the artists wife and dog

I know it’s not spring but I decided to have a sort out of the studio the other day. It’s no hardship in this weather as it is lovely and warm in there.  Anyway I had a good clear out; found a framed painting for the exhibition and also the drawing above. This is an old drawing of Alex just after we were married with our first dog. I can’t remember how long it took to do but quite a while I guess. As it happens I asked Alex to sit for 10 minutes (literally) to do a sketch at the breakfast table this morning. Alex can’t sit still I hate to think what she was like at school. It was like trying to do ten different poses. 

Anyway something’s are worth the effort. I was up on top of the valley at 7 this morning. It was hard work probably because we had been to the gym yesterday and then played badminton till 10pm last night. I was glad I was up there though having walked through the woods with crisp leaves underfoot and a sharp white frost kissing the branches and grass. The sunrise was glorious. Ochre against the sky line with grey cold mist in the valley and vapour trails of cadmium red in the sky. A perfect start to the day.

Yesterday Alex completed framing for the exhibition which was a major achievement.

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