Monday, 26 November 2012

End of the weekend

I have been cataloging and packing paintings for the exhibition today as well as sorting out my studio.
The sketch above is one I did at the weekend of Alex. There are still construction lines on the sketch which I haven't bothered to rub out. It is important to get the features in the right place when doing a portrait even a quick sketch. Get the mark in the right place even if the mark itself is a little off. I tend to draw a square for faces encompassing the whole head and come in from that when working out proportions and positions.
You can see the bottom line of the square under Alexs' chin. I work in from the side where the eye is nearest the edge of the square. Might sound a complicated system but it generally works for me and prevents me putting features where they should be as opposed to where they actually are.

Alex has a weakness for agreeing to do things for people at the expense of all else or generally herself. Whenever anybody wants something I find they ask her instead of me. I cant imagine why. Anyway on Sunday she said she would look after our youngest granddaughter for an hour or so.

 "Yes, its fine." she said.

As soon as our daughter was out of the door and the car had started I heard her say,
"Mark come and look after your granddaughter."

Well okay I turned on the TV, put on Thomas the Tank Engine and sat her on my knee. Well I don't know who fitted her nappy but they didn't put enough sealant around the edges because the next thing I knew was I had been soaked.
Even at the age of 6 months my youngest granddaughter has obviously inherited the family sense of humour of which I tend to be the butt of the jokes!

Last evening I watched the Scarlets play Munster - brilliant can't say more.

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