Saturday, 13 June 2015

Scenes from an Italian Restaurant - Florentino's

No this is not a painting for the exhibition it is a sketch of Constantine's Arch in Italy. I include it as it has kind of been an Italian themed week for us. We were invited to exhibit in Florence. We went to an Italian Restaurant that opened in Carmarthen last night. It is called Florentino's and the owners from Florence. Anyway we had a lovely time the food was outstanding and very reasonably priced.
We love Italian food and this was authentic Italian made by an experienced Italian Chef who I believe spent the last 8 years in a top establishment in Manhattan. We drank good Italian wine with our meal, rather too much actually and had a good walk home in the rain as taxis were pretty well fully booked.

A lady is coming to collect her commission today other than that it may be a lazy day recuperating but who knows?

This week we were in Waterstones where Alex is doing her best to buy the entire children's section for the grandchildren. To be honest I don't mind reading is great for them. Personally I walked to the local library as a boy and worked my way through the books borrowing them but whatever.

Anyway I digress she was looking for a particular book I think a David Walliams one? At that moment a young man came passed and she grabbed him and asked about the book.
He sheepishly replied, "I am sorry I don't work here." I think she still thought that was a pretty poor excuse.

Link Has to be Billy Joel

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