Monday, 29 June 2015


This painting is an iconic view of Rhossili Bay. A great spot for  surfing, ( apparently, I don't surf). We have sailed passed Worms Head on a number of occasions. The Vikings apparently named it "Wurm" as it looked like a sea serpent.

Alex has been busy mounting prints and I have been on the computer as we had a bit of an issue with printing. It wasn't the prints themselves they are done by DOT Foundry a fine art printers. Basically all our labels had been written on publisher in a 32 bit format and we now have a 64 bit operating system that won't print them correctly. Sounds like I know what I am talking about? (Don't put money on it).
Well anyway I resolved the issue by converting them to pdf. files. I also updated my Welsh page on my website, a bit more of a task. Who knew what bluebells were in Welsh? I settled for, "Bwtsiasen y gog".

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