Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Llansteffan and Britains Finest

This painting of Llansteffan is now framed and packed. One of my favourite views unsurprisingly.

Yesterday I had a grandchildren experience while Alex went off with her Mom. Things went reasonably smoothly all things considered, well I didn't lose any of them so on that level it was successful.

Both Alex and I are strong supporters of the Police for obvious reasons. I believe we have the finest Police "Service"  in the World. Over the years I have met many officers from other countries and was amazed at the differing mind sets. From rude but okay to down right apathy to admitting to wholesale corruption. So yes I think in the UK we do have The Finest but on occasions of course things do go wrong, it is inevitable. (I know we were  poorly served when we were victims of crime ourselves on one occasion). Regardless, the Police do a great job in difficult circumstances. Now I get to the point.

Yesterday Alex being a fine upstanding member of the community was on her way to take her Mom for a hospital appointment. She came across an incident and like any good citizen rang it in. Now she had to negotiate the push button 1 if you want "English" etc. on two occasions and a few other buttons to get through to the call handing centre. Then she was interviewed and according to her asked her whole life history (she does exaggerate).

When she was asked for her birthday she finally said, " I was hoping to report an incident not be interviewed to go out on a date!"

Apparently the humour was not appreciated, but who knows.

Of course the irony is I was responsible for setting up the call handling centre in the first place but don't tell Alex or anyone else for that matter.

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