Sunday, 7 June 2015

Out of the mouths of Babes

Alex framed this painting for the exhibition this week. Walking on a sunny day at Cefn Sidan.

Yesterday Alex went on a crochet course in the morning and I stand corrected a Peg Looming course in the afternoon. NOT a peg making course! She obviously had her creative head on yesterday. I had two of the grandchildren in the afternoon. They were fine  reading and I showed the granddaughter how to make lemon pesto. So no major dramas.

Alex does nothing by halves. When she came home she had a peg loom, the wool off a thousand sheep and sacks of other things! She proudly showed her "swatches"( I think that is the correct term) of crochet. To be fair they were very nicely done. Then my granddaughter God Bless her asked the question I dare not ask.

"Nanny they are very nice but what do you do with them?"

Yes this girl will go far.

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