Monday, 15 June 2015

River Gwili

The above painting is for the exhibition. The scene is of the River Gwili just on the outskirts of Carmarthen. The Gwili Railway runs along the side of the river to the left. It is a quiet little spot where the sun pokes through the overhanging trees accompanying the sound of running water over rocks.

I have met all kinds of people in my life from murderers, thieves, personalities, councillors, up to the aristocracy and Royalty. At times I actually preferred the company of some "rogues" and "ner do wells" to that of some of the "Crachach". I think most police officers will understand what I am trying to say.

  To be honest I have met so many people with who I had to make conversation or interview that I can now appear a little unsociable. I like to talk to people I am interested in and/or talk about things that interest me otherwise if I have nothing to say I say nothing. Alex and I can be quite relaxed in our own company and don't feel the need to fill silence with meaningless words. Mind you she makes up for it when she gets on the phone!

Anyway I am getting to the point now Alex caught a thief in our garden yesterday. Well actually she didn't catch them as they ran off. She gave me a shout just in time for me to see a grey squirrel carrying off the last ripe strawberry. They had been disappearing faster than nature could ripen them and the birds had the blame so I put netting over them to no avail. Now we know that Sammy Squirrel was the culprit was all along !

PS My piano glasses are still on the run.

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