Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Newport and Mynydd Carningli

The above painting of cottages and Mynydd Carningli is a darker painting than I usually do. The subject invited the treatment. It was late Autumn and only glimpses of light brightened the landscape.

I was chatting to a lady yesterday who was doing a degree course in fine art. I won't go in to details but she was experiencing the same issues I found when I did a degree a good while ago although not at the same college. I am interested to see that the idea of contemporary and cutting edge art is still the same as it was then and to be honest the same pretty much as the 1970's. Video's of people doing nothing and found objects...sorry don't start me off. Each to their own.

I haven't painted a seascape or shipping for a few years and am minded to do a painting of HMS Portland. There again I have a few other ideas so maybe it will have to wait? I am off to the gym now and we have the grandchildren this afternoon.

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