Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Bad Manners

Okay well this is one I won't be exhibiting. It's okay and the photo doesn't do it justice but I am not completely happy with it. It needs work if it is to end up in a frame, it probably won't.

One of my pet hates is rudeness. Yesterday I held a door open for a woman coming through the door the other way. She walked through and completely blanked me. There were a couple of ladies coming a little way behind her so I thought I may as well hold it for a few seconds more and I let them through. Now I don't expect heartfelt gratitude but an acknowledgement I exist would be nice. The first lady ignored me and the second looked straight at with a look that I thought maybe I would be turned to stone.

Still I suppose I was just unlucky as its unusual to get three rude old farts together.

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