Thursday, 18 June 2015


Ferryside from Llansteffan is a view I have been commissioned to paint twice. The above painting is one for the exhibition or failing that my own wall. The hill above Ferryside is where an old biplane landed one day . We were sailing down the river on our way out to go over the Carmarthen Bar when a biplane came up the estuary clearly in difficulties with the engine spluttering. It took a downward turn and made a safe but "heavy landing" in the field. It was later removed by lorry I believe.

Yesterday I had a call from my bank telling me my bank card had been used in a fraudulent transaction. I confirmed I had not made any payment using it so now the card is cancelled. Its no great drama or any surprise as there are numerous ways of obtaining card details. It is a fact of life now that you need to use a card for day to day transactions and its a risk you take.

We have actually given back our own card reader as like many things the companies involved kept adding to the bill, upselling is the term. Every year they would come up with new ways to take more off you. Well it was very convenient having our own machine but we manage fine without it now and are better off as well.

I am about to start a new commission so something to keep me busy over the next couple of days.

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