Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Llyn Lech Owain

I have painted two versions of Llyn Lech Owain which is a nature reserve near Crosshands. The first a commission the second for the exhibition above. I was so taken when I did the first I went on to do another version.

Alex has been busy making cards by hand which is pretty time consuming. All the pictures are individually printed on 120gsm quality paper and then attached to a printed cream card blank, bagged priced etc. She has made about 250 so far and is aiming for about 400 which is our average sale on an exhibition.

The big news, well for me is that my spectacles have returned...They managed to get back into a jacket pocket that both Alex and I had checked,  obviously badly. It reminds me of Norman.

Norman was a garden gnome in Welshpool in the 1970's. He disappeared and although reported to the police it was not recorded as a crime (a definite no, no these days apparently). Anyway after a couple of months a postcard arrived at the owners house from Brazil. It was from Norman stating he had gone off to see the world . Over the following months various other postcards arrived from differing countries all ostensibly from Norman.  Finally about a year later he turned up back in his garden, obviously having had enough of travelling. The joker who must have been well travelled was never identified.

I apologise for the link, but it was either that or "The angry gnome".

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