Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Bluebell woods

I mentioned the other week that I went to Dinefwr to get material for a bluebell painting in the woods. I ended up doing a painting of the castle initially but I have finally gotten around to the painting  of bluebells. The painting is not quite finished I need to let it dry a tad more but you get the general picture. It was painted without any drawing just built up with layers of paint.

 I saw a painting posted by David Cowdrey yesterday which was of the same subject pretty well and was exceptional.

Was the blackbird there ? Well no he wasn't. Well he was singing but not visible and to be honest that tree wasn't there either. Well it was but not in that position. I moved it to accommodate the blackbird.

I have to be organised to do things. I like my studio if not completely tidy then organised with everything in its place. The same in the kitchen when I am cooking. I can't play the piano with dirty hands, well I can't play the piano with clean hands but I give it a go anyway. Its the same with painting itself. I have to organise my mind to ensure I have a clear idea of what the finished work will look like and how to get there.

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