Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Dryslwyn Castle

The above painting is of Dryslwyn Castle which commands a central position in the Towy Valley. The image is a little bright but anyway you get the idea.

Yesterday was spent mainly updating my website. I rely on the internet for work but strangely I get more work from my blog which probably explains why I am a bit lazy in updating my website. I am getting nearer to a million google views of my work so all in all things are okay.

In order to update my website I have to fire up my old computer which holds the web editor software. My new computer is good but of course it won't run the 1948 web editor software I bought off ebay for 2 shillings and 6 pence. I reckon I can make it last until I no longer need a website and/or return to cosmic dust so I am not buying new software. It does take a while to add files and get them uploaded and then put in the right size of the paintings framed, and unframed etc. I had even made the cardinal sin of leaving a painting on the website which had been sold and still had the price on it "mea culpa"!
After several hours I  finished and found that some of the files had been uploaded using the wrong image size and looked  a bit small but heh whatever they are expandable.

My glasses are still on walkabout. Jac has a visit by his acupuncturist today I haven't told him yet so he is quite oblivious and watching the birds on the bird table.

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