Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Merlins Hill - Greetings

My favourite view from the top of Penlanffos looking down the Towy Valley with Merlins Hill on the left. I used to walk this every morning with Jac but since he did in his cruciate ligament I am reluctant to let him over do things so he has a good walk on the flat now.

Yesterday a delivery man came to the door, a very cheerful pleasant young man. Now I can't remember exactly what he said when I opened the door but it was something like,

"Sup" ???!!!!!

Now I am from the generation that was taught that even the word "Hello, " was reserved for use on the telephone (if you had one).

 So a departing, "Have a good one," left me equally bemused.

I am at ease with a shake of the hand and a hearty, "good morning". Other physical contact is really not my, "thing". I guess I could be considered reserved but that is how we were brought up.

So at the end of the day  I was grateful I didn't have the embarrassment of the delivery guy doing a bump fist type thing with wiggling fingers accompanied by exploding noises!

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