Sunday, 14 June 2015


This is the painting collected yesterday by a lovely lady. It shows Llandeilo from Ffairfach in the Spring and I had done it earlier in the year as a commission.

My eye sight isn't bad, touch wood, which I guess is quite useful for an artist. My grandfather went blind and my father had glaucoma so I am pretty particular about having my eyes checked regularly.

I do wear glasses for closer work. Wearing glasses does have advantages. It makes me look more intelligent, always a bonus. Mainly it keeps me fit and is constantly testing my mental recall. I have several pairs of glasses all with a specific purpose. I didn't order them like that it happened by natural progression. My later glasses have a closer focal length therefore for painting I have an old pair that are not as strong, similarly I have an older pair for murdering the piano. My latest pair are for reading etc. you get the picture, I hope.

Anyway glasses, or more correctly spectacles have a life and character of their own. My painting glasses are kept in the studio and although generally difficult to see out of at times due to layers of paint they tend not to wander too far. The others are quite adventurous and wander all over the place. I am constantly going up and down stairs trying to find a specific pair. My reading glasses went walk about some time ago and I hadn't seen them since we came back from Norway. Yesterday they turned up in a jacket pocket I am sure I had searched a dozen times. However my piano glasses which I was wearing in the morning have vanished into thin air. I have checked all the likely places, on the piano, on my head in the fridge but no they must have gone for the week. As I say some inanimate objects have a life of their own!!!

Link  this is an old one

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