Saturday, 27 June 2015

Dryslwyn Castle

I had put aside a painting of Dryslwyn Castle for the exhibition but as it sold this week I thought I had better do another. It is a view I have not painted before. It is from the North West and shows the whole outcrop of rock that the castle stands upon.

You can see I just got straight down to painting it with no preliminary drawing with pencil or brush. It may not look much at the moment but it will be fine, trust me I am an artist?! 

The other day my son in law said to me words to the effect that our granddaughter was the alpha out of their children. I repeated the conversation with Alex and slowly it dawned on me all the females in the family are the alphas. Or maybe we just like them to think that! Or maybe and more likely I just like to think that we like them to think that.

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