Friday, 12 June 2015


This is one of the paintings I finished recently and is now packed up. Dinefwr Castle in the mist.
I had an interesting day yesterday. Did a bit in the garden had my piano lesson!! Walked Jac and reworked the final painting. Oh and did the food shopping nice to see  you Geraint.

In the evening popped over to see some of the grandchildren.   The dog was following the hens around in the yard and one of the children was eating a corn on the cob. I quite like them myself but I actually prefer mine cooked?!! It always a bit like a visit to see Huckleberry Finn and friends.

It was when we were coming back I realised I had forgotten to go to a co-operative meeting. Well getting old is a good excuse for a slip of the mind I suppose. Now what have I forgotten to do today?

Update: I found out I did forget the meeting but it was Tuesday not Thursday Oh well!

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